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ayishs siddikaorna
Apr 21, 2022
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Targeting the consumer is becoming easier with this! In addition, machine learning can help determine and update your pricing strategy and purchasing forecasts. AI software is therefore a rapidly growing market. Leading US IT firm Gartner even predicts that artificial intelligence software will generate $62.5 billion in revenue by 2022. That would be a turnover increase of more than 21% compared to last year (source: Gartner). It doesn't get more trending than this! Are you missing a trend? Share these in the comments! Make your digital ambitions come true, visit the WWV22 More than 100 hours of e-commerce content, full of concrete cases, unique content and without sales pitches. After all, you come to learn something new. With lectures from Picnic, Easytoys,, HEMA and much more. View the program and visit the Webwinkel Vakdagen 2022 for free on 29 & 30 June in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht. Sign up immediately 0 comments - Be the first to comment! Others also read You are ready for a chatbot: build it yourself or outsource it? 5 developments in marketing automation you should know in 2022 This is how you find software that meets the privacy requirements About the authorWebshops full of beautiful products, cool designs, fine UX and a large Japan Phone Number List batch of untapped opportunities to shoot through the ceiling organically: that makes us happy! With a 16% increase in e-commerce purchases in 2021, it will only become more interesting to represent your webshop well in search. Ecommerce SEO is the foundation of your success. But are you taking advantage of all the opportunities that are available today? SEO audit: your starting point There are so many variables that determine the success of your shop that you are almost never done optimizing. It is important to prioritize your work. From your audit, you therefore determine where you can make the most impact. This not only provides structure, but also capacity within the organization. If those involved see results sooner, it is also easier to implement the rest of your ideas and optimisations. 6 SEO tips to make an impact Developments are happening at a rapid pace. Familiar story, you might think, but unfortunately it is true. Google changes the type of search results, refines the guidelines and also changes the way they handle certain elements on your webshop. Focus on the elements that can make an impact. 1. Build Ultimate (URL) Structure A tight website structure is what every webshop owner wants. After all, that's what your visitors like when navigating to your products. But you'll be surprised how often that is not yet ideally arranged… ouch! What should you pay attention to when creating a tight structure? bread crumbs We use breadcrumbs to indicate where a visitor is in the webshop.
ayishs siddikaorna
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